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Hold On, I'm Coming!

Editor Gary Dunne

An anthology of new Australian gay writing

What's love got to do with it? A collection that reflects the myriad forms of gay romance - anonymous quickie or impending marriage, mateship or crush, gothic or suburban. Tales of love and lust exploring modern relationships and highlighting the diversity of contemporary gay fiction.

NOTE This title is available in pdf and ePub formats. Electronic readers with smaller screens may prefer the ePub version.

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Jarred Connors He took me
He took me to his high school end-of-year dance...

Alistair Sutton Gay marriage a la mode
I always wanted a white wedding...

Shaun O'Dowd Thwarted
ABBA once sang that breaking up was never easy...

Timothy Collard Two of hearts
... the last day of school warranted some form of celebration...

John Bartlett The Transference
As the long-bladed knife entered...

Scott Clark Gone but not forgotten
Terry rarely read the old boys newsletter...

Tim Miles Goal
The drama started with a kiss...

Robert Tait Was that the trees a rustling...
He wasn't ashamed of anything about himself ... except one thing

Dallas Angguish Absalom's teeth or
My year in pharmaceuticals: a queer gothic melodrama in four parts.

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